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How to Care for a Bonsai Tree


Caring for bonsai trees have been a popular pastime for many reasons. These trees have been around for thousands of years. They have beauty and conversation-starting benefits. Aside from these, bonsai trees are also said to be good for your health. Those who own bonsai trees that this hobby of caring for bonsai trees relieves stress. They say that if you take care of a bonsai tree you can become more focused, patient, confident, have a sense of purpose, and they also help with indoor allergies. There are other health benefits you get from caring for these plants indoors. They can fight colds, fatigue, coughs, and sore throat. You need to make sure that you will take care of your bonsai tree, if you are considering having one in your home or office. They are not like your regular house plant since they require more intensive care daily. They are more like plant pets. Below are some things you need to care for a bonsai tree. This will help you find out if taking care of a bonsai tree is for you.


The pot is important for a bonsai tree at this link. Bonsai trees cannot survive without using the proper sized pot. With the right size of pot, the trees root system will grow and thrive comfortably. It can restrict the tree if you have a very small pot. It will not cause the roots to grow sufficiently. A pot that is too large is obtrusive and wasteful. To be sure about the pot size, the rule of thumb is that the pot's width should be one third the height of the tree, and its depth should be the same as the trunk of the tree. These trees need to be re-potted as they grow.


Soil is also important for your bonsai tree. Soil is always top priority and is very instrumental in the growth of plants. The right soil conditions must be used for a bonsai tree to grow and flourish. The species of the bonsai tree will determine the kind of soil that it needs. You should know the specific species of your bonsai tree so that you can pick the proper soil and fertilizer for it.


Bonsai trees are considered as tress and require the same level of care you give to your backyard trees. They should be watered every day. You should let someone care for your tree when you are out of town, just like you would let someone take care of your pet dog. Watering bonsai trees is not like watering house plants. Here you need to place the tree is a bowl of water and let the soil soak. The watering is done when the bubble stops in the water.